Friday, March 18, 2011

Misako Rocks! - Graphic artist

2011.03.13 Metuchen Public Library, Graphic Novels Day, Metuchen, NJ

The library was visited by Misako Rocks!, Colleen Venable and Chris Giarusso, who each presented a slide show on how they create, develop and became involved in producing graphic novels. This free program was open to the public and presented by the Friends of the Metuchen Public Library.

Misako Rocks! is a graphic artist from Japan, but did not become involved in graphic novels until after she had moved to the US. Her style is Japanese, with an American touch...An American manga written by a Japanese writer/artist. Misako got her start drawing for the newspaper "The Onion"

Her first novel was Biker Girl, the story of a young girl who becomes a super-biker when she rides a magic bicycle. Misako followed this with Rock and Roll Love, and Detective Jermain volume 1...Misako offered a very nice presentation about her work and getting involved in graphic novels.

Author Colleen Venable gave an excellent presentation on how she created her characters for the Guinea Pig Pet Shop Private Eye Series...(no art)..

Chris Giarusso next week...

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