Sunday, December 5, 2010

Billy Tucci - Shi

Billy Tucci - Shi 2010.10.02 Wizard-Big Apple Comic Con, NYC

Billy Tucci created his own publishing company, Crusade Comics, allowing him to publish his personal projects.

Shi is a young woman of Japanese and American heritage drafted into present day shadow war between descendants of shoei warrior monks from medieval Japan. Shi translates to death in Japanese. Her signature weapon is the naginata.

Shi first appeared in Razor Annual #1 1993. Shi's adventures have included cross-overs with Daredevil, Witchblade, Vampirella, Lady Death and Wolverine.

I decided to use the 1960 US - Japan stamp commemorating the centennial anniversary of the first treaty to promote mutual understanding and good will, for the Shi sktech. The stamp depicts the Washington Monument with Cherry Blossoms, that were donated by the Japanese government in 1912. The US-Japan Treaty stamp was designed by Gyo Fujikawa, children's book author and illustrator.

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