Friday, December 17, 2010

Andrew Pepoy - Little Orphan Annie

Classic Comics - Little Orphan Annie
Annie was created by Harold Gray (1894-1968) and was published August 5, 1924.
The story followed Annie and her dog Sandy a she went from the orphanage to live with the wealthy Mr. Warbucks. Annie found many adventures throughout the life of the strip, and found many artists to keep her alive..David Lettick, Tex Blaisdell, Leonard Starr, Andrew Pepoy, Alan Kupperberg and Ted Slampyak.

Andrew Pepoy took over the artist duties in 2000, with writer Jay Maeder, with the intent of updating Annie's style. Pepoy has also worked on several different comic book characters including Superman, Spiderman, Batman, X-Men, Star Wars, Betty & Veronica, Simone & Ajax and many others.

Annie's last comic strip ran June 13, 2010. Although like many readers I lost interest in the soap opera type strips like Annie, I hope someone will try to resurrect her, possibly changing her to an adult character-explorer, in the mold of Tomb Raider...

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Ted Slampyak said...

Andrew's always been one of my favorite Annie artists! He's also a good guy.