Friday, October 8, 2010

Weapon Brown - Jason Yungbluth

Jason Yungbluth - Weapon Brown - 2010.09.17
When Charles Schulz died many comic strips and editorial cartoonists paid tribute to what they envisioned as either a Peanuts final strip or their goodbyes. None of them came close to Weapon Brown....

the world of comics in a post-apocalyptic world. The adventures, adult in context, follow Weapon Brown and his pet dog Snoop in a parody of today's comics. With a cybernetic arm and plaz gun, Brown runs across many altered comic strip characters and fights against the villainous organization known as the Syndicate. Weapon Brown runs as a web comic, and his adventures have been printed in comic book format as well. A signed copy of the book is shown.

I dearly love Peanuts and I also enjoy the parody.

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