Friday, October 29, 2010

Rickman -Poison Ivy

Rickman - Poison Ivy aircraft nose art...2010.09.26 Comic Fest, East Hanover, NJ

Since I have several first day covers honoring the Air Force, I wanted to have some covers drawn to duplicate the "cheesecake" pin-up style of nose art many of the US aircraft had painted on their planes during World War II.

Rickman accepted the challenge and draw Poison Ivy in the often seen reclining pose featured on many of the planes.

While researching the nose art, I came across a site where a collector has put together an impressive collection of nose art he calls "Bombshells!" featuring heroines from the 1940-50s.

Rickman has created the comics The Sock, Fishman and Toteman's World, which is an epilepsy awareness comic, as well as drawing editorial comics for a local newspaper. Rickman has previously worked as a graphic designer for the NFL, Lucent Tech, Warner Bros and Disney, and taught at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Design.

You can view a beautiful Captain America, by Rickman, my son picked up on Matt's Page.

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