Friday, October 1, 2010

Ian Glaubinger - NY Rangers

Ian Glaubinger - NY Rangers Win Stanley Cup..
2010.09.18 Wild Pig Con II, Springfield, NJ

When I read Ian's bio he mentioned several times that he loves hockey. Being a hockey fan myself, I knew the perfect cover to get a sketch on. NY Rangers Stanley Cup Victory Commemorative cover.

June 14, 1994 the day the Rangers finally win the Stanley Cup, ending the 54 year wait. I had one requirement of my cover, that a superhero had to wear the Rangers jersey. It turns out that both Ian and I are actually Devils fans, but give the Rangers their due, they won. By the way the Devils won the following year!

I wonder if Ian knows the truth behind the Rangers victory, they had help from the Green Lantern!

What I like about Ian's work is the true comic style of the characters. Be sure to check out his work.
Go Samurai!

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