Friday, October 22, 2010

Dave Fox -Ghost Rider (Elvis Presley)

Dave Fox - Ghost Rider Elvis - Elvis first day cover June 16, 1993

Dave Fox, freelance artist from NYC, has contributed to several trading card sets including Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Lord of the Rings Masterpieces, Wizard of Oz, Fantastic Four Archives and DC: Legacy.

When the Elvis stamp was announced the the USPS, they had a fan vote either a young rock n' roll Elvis or the Vegas Elvis wearing a jumpsuit. Thankfully the fans voted for the younger version. What they didn't offer, Dave Fox provided...Ghost Rider Elvis!

Dave is also the the vocalist, bassist and song writer for the group Dead on A Friday...

"Waiting for the train to take me far, far away from here
Looking for a change of pace where my mind is clear
The open road and the chance for something new
I never thought I'd meet someone like you...."
Bliss Hall by Dave Fox

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