Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hank Ketcham - Dennis the Menace

Hank Ketcham (1920-2001) - Dennis the Menace

Ketcham had been an animator for Walter Lantz and Walt Disney. During World War II, Ketcham, serving in the Navy, created a comic strip about the military called "Half Hitch".

In 1950, while working in his studio that the cartoon Dennis was born, when his wife came in and complained that their 4-year old son Dennis was a menace. In 1951 Dennis the Menace was published.

Dennis' mis-adventures have been published in both the comic strips and comic books, cartoons, movies and a TV series. The TV series, which ran from 1959-1963, was my first exposure to Dennis. The call of "Hey, Mr. Wilson!" still brightens my day. He has since become one of my favorites, which I still read to this day. Although Dennis has never grown older he certainly has grown wiser.

Ketcham retired in 1994, with production of the strips being handed over to his assistants. Ron Ferdinand produces the Sunday color funnies, And Marcus Hamilton draws the daily panel.

Always one of my favorite characters, I enjoy the fact that besides Hank Ketcham, Dennis also signed the above sketch.

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