Friday, October 15, 2010

Fred Hembeck - The Beatles

Fred Hembeck...The Beatles...2010.09.26 Comic Fest, East Hanover, NJ

Hembeck's style is pure cartoon parody, his characters are always drawn with curlicues on the elbows and knees. Starting in 197o's Hembeck's work was published as a 3-panel comic strip appearing in the Daily Planet page of DC comics. Hembeck would also continue producing comics for Marvel (signed Fantastic Four Roast), First Comics, Krause Publications, Fantagraphics Books, Topps comics, TwoMorrows Publishing and Archie Comics.

Hembeck's work includes his comic character The Dog, Mr. Mumbo Jumbo, Little Freddy (fictionalized tales of a youthful Hembeck), Petey, the Adventures of Peter Parker Looong Before He Became Spider-Man and Kidz.

When I heard Hembeck would be at Comic Fest, I went to his website to learn about him. Then I found his Beatle page. The man is a big fan, he has a devoted to the beatles, their comic book appearances, CD and DVD reviews and some classic comic cover make-overs featuring the Beatles, by Hembeck.

There was little thought that I would ask for a Beatle related sketch on the Beatles Yellow Submarine first day cover from from the Celebrate the Century series. Hembeck did an excellent rendition of the Beatles in his unique style.

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