Friday, September 24, 2010

Charles P Wilson III - The Stuff of Legends

Charles P Wilson III - the Stuff of Legends .. 2010.09.18 Wild Pig Con II, Springfield, NJ

The year is 1944. An allied force advances along a war-torn beach in a strange land, outnumbered and far from home...Led by a toy soldier and a teddy-bear named Max, Princes, Quackers, Percy, Jester set off on a journey to find their boy....The story is incredible and the art is fantastic.

The pencil sketch is on a Celebrate the Century first day cover honoring the Teddy Bear. Named after President Teddy Roosevelt, the first teddy was made by the German company Steiff, which was exhibited at the Leipzeg Toy Fair, March 1903. by 1906 the craze for these bear was in full swing.

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