Sunday, August 22, 2010

Peter Max

Peter Max is a well-known artist, specifically for his 1960's cosmic pop, psychedelic art style, which was a great influence on the 60's culture. His works are produced on everything imaginable, but most commonly as poster art.

Looking at Jamal Igle's quick Supergirl sketch, one of the people present at the signing stated if could be anyone. Yes that is true, but it more reminded me of Peter Max who often provides a female profile with his signature. The quick sketch and signature from Max was obtained at an art gallery show. My brother and I have long been fascinated by Max's work, growing up in the 1960's it was part of our development, and we would eventually purchase a few prints.

What many may not know is that Max designed several stamps for the United States Postal Service (Exps '74) as well as the United Nations Postal Administration (Earth Summit). Max also designed first day covers for the UNPA and the Fleetwood (Unicover) company. Few people may remember that Peter Max's art was also used for stationery. My father worked in envelope manufacturing and brought home several envelopes bearing Max's work in the late 1960's. These had designs with the Cosmic Jumper, flowers, smiles, butterflies, etc. and were printed in bright colors, including day-glo yellow and orange, which would glow under a black light. I would use these envelopes as first day covers where the subject of the art would match best with the stamp issue.

The above Moon Landing FDC from 1969 features the Cosmic Jumper, which was used for his 1974 Expo stamp issue, and was the first Peter Max envelope I would use for an FDC.

I know this is not a hand-drawn cover, I list it for reference.


Ryan Claytor said...

I love that envelope! This is such a cool blog you are keeping up. I feel honored to be a part of it and I'm so happy you asked me to do that library sketch at Dewey's.

Looking forward to more of your updates,

Ryan Claytor
Elephant Eater Comics

RRobinson said...

Thanks, I have used the Peter Max envelopes for several different first day covers as well as space related issues. I tried to use them whenever I could, unfortunately I don't have any left that are unused.

Anonymous said...

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