Friday, July 30, 2010

Dagwood - Blondie

With the release of the Sunday Funnies stamps by the US Postal Service on July 16 (Dennis the Menace, Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, Archie, Beetle Bailey) I thought I would show a cover from the Oct 1, 1995 issue honoring Classic Comics.

Blondie was created by Chic Young (1901-1973) and first published Sept 8, 1930. After his death, his son Dean took over creative control and serves as writer for the strip. Dean has collaborated with several artists over the years, Jim Raymond, Mike Gersher, Stan Drake, Denis Lebrun and John Marshall. The comic strip features the adventures of the Bumstead family, Dagwood and Blondie and their children Alexander and Cookie. A common running gag throughout is Dagwood running into his postman Mr. Beasley on his way to work, as pictured on the stamp.

Since I sent this cover to Mr. Young through the mail, I am not sure if DEan Young or one of his artists did the drawing. I like to think that Dean could at least draw Dagwood, when required. this cover was drawn between the Stan Drake and Denis Lebrun time frame. Regardless of who actually drew Dagwood, I still appreciate the effort on their behalf.

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