Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alley Oop - Dave Graue

Alley Oop - Classic Comics
Created by VT Hamlin (1900-1993) Alley Oop was first published December 5, 1932. The story follows the prehistoric character Alley Oop from the kingdom of Moo. Eventually Alley Oop was transported to the 20th Century by a time machine invented by Dr. Wonmug. Alley Oop would soon go on adventures in time and space as he traveled to the moon in the 1940's.

Alley Oop would be adapted to a Saturday morning cartoon, and would carried by 800 newspapers at it's peak.

In 1971 Dave Graue (1926-2001), who had assisted VT Hamlin took over the strip on Hamlin's retirement. Hamlin's last strip would be published on Dec 31, 1972. Jack Bender would take over the drawing the strip in 1991, while Graue continued to write. Carole Bender assumed writing the strip after Graue's death, Dec 10, 2001.

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